About Us

About Us

Kid's Nursery is a playschool initiative of People Combine, a group that has pioneered and redefined the way education is perceived in Patna. Best play school in patna.

90% of the Brain Development happens in the First 2000 Days of a child’s life. During this time, the various experiences and interactions the child goes through results in the formation of connections in the brain, which ultimately builds its structure.

At Kid's Nursery Playschool we understand this; our Experiential Teaching Methodology aims to create realistic, interactive & Sensory stimulating learning experiences for the child. So we don’t just talk about farm animals from the book but have a farm party with live animals, wherein children can experience the learning real‐time.

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We at Kids's Nursery, believe that the child should have a flexible atmosphere. It may appear that children play only to have fun but it is an important tool in the child’s development and discovery of the world around him.

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We are located at Jakariapur,Surya Manglam Path,Patna-800030

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